Back in 2013, I was asked by a visitor to the web site, to check that her fathers name was on our War Memorial.
It also led to the question, "who are all these lost servicemen ?".
It appeared there were no service records held by the British Legion or both Parish Councils.

I subsequently decided to research all the names and publish their details on this web site,
this is when I came across:

This led me to Katherine Parkhill Carr aged 20
from OverHall Farm, Bures
Now very intrigued I sought to find any living relatives that may shed any light on how she lost her life.
Amazingly, Trevor Richards who lived in my road, attended Bures Primary School with her brother Cameron.
A search of the BT Telephone Directory revealed Cameron was living in Sudbury.

I made contact and he was absolutely thrilled, that someone after 73yrs had finally recognised the tragic loss of his sister.
Cameron also remembered Trevor very well.


During 2014 I spent many hours talking to him about his family and their move from Scotland to East Anglia.
Cameron regularly visited the cemetery from the 1940`s until circa 2017.

One thing that was uppermost in his conversation with me, was long-term upkeep of his sisters grave.

I took it upon myself and assured him that I would look after Katherine`s grave, as long as I was able.

Unfortunately in 2018, I lost contact with Cameron.

Sadly, the British Legion have never recognised this as a war grave and since 2014, I have laid a wreath/tribute on Armistice Day each November.

I also regularly clean the stonework and make sure the memorial is well presented.

This fulfills my promise to Cameron.

Photo dated 11th Nov 2020

Katherine's grave is located on the left side of the cemetery, as you enter by the gravel driveway.