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In 1913, Stephen and Marion decided to seek a new future in Canada with their daughter Marion.
Only four months after being married, they departed Glasgow on 20th Sept 1913, aboard passenger ship "Cassandra" bound for Montreal
However, their stay was very short lived as the weather was deemed to be too cold for Marion and so they decided to return home, just two years later.
There second child Elizabeth, was subsequently born in Canada as she is shown on the returning Passenger List as being 3 months of age

Passenger List of the ship "Pretoria" bound for Glasgow

All four arrived back in the UK on 13th Oct 1915 and returned to Mochrum.




Sometime around 1926, Stephen Carr was approached by Dick Gibson a farmer from
St Osyth (Essex) who was in the
local area looking for farmhands.

It beggars the question, why was a farmer from Essex looking for workers in Scotland ?
Stephen took up the offer of work and the family subsequently moved down to Essex
Stephen Carr took up the post of foreman at Frow Wick Farm at St Osyth, circa 1926
They must have moved away from the farm before 1930, as their daughter Mona was born at Little Bentley of that year


Stephen and his family then moved to Byers Farm, in Little Bentley to assist a farmer who was in difficulty.

Mona Taylor Carr, born 1930 at
Lt Bentley
Died aged 9 months.

Cameron Carr, born 1933 Lt Bentley



In 1934/5, we now have the family living and working at
Mace Green Farm, Copdock

Katherine, who would have been about 15, worked for Mr Hempson of Spurling and Hempson, Auctioneers at Ipswich after leaving school.
These Auctioneers later became Fenn Wright.


In 1939 the Carr family moved to OverHall Farm Bures
Katherine in 1939 at the outbreak of hostilities, without hesitation volunteered to help out with the war effort and joined the ATS.

Stephen Carr (father) was the Tenant Farmer, as the farm itself was owned by the Bristol Estate at Bury
The family members consisted of Stephen and Marion Carr with their children Cameron, William and Thomas.
However, where was Katherine, was she still at Copdock ?

Local information reveals:-

A sale catalogue for the farm equipment, was held on
Monday 23 September 1957.
Presumably the Carr family had already moved out by this time.

It referred to Mr Stephen J Carr as the outgoing tenant.


Consists of 17th and 18th century houses, which were was nicknamed the Barracks from the time when Oliver Cromwell billeted troops in 1648

During 1957, the family moved once again to the adjacent village of Assington

Katherines mother, Marion Parkhill Carr died 5th August 1962 at Black Notley Hospital. The address given at Probate was "Hill House, Assington"

Katherines father, Stephen James Carr died on 3rd March 1976, in Assington, Suffolk, aged 85

Memorial stone, Assington Cemetery.


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