A Public Meeting was held on 19th October 1944 in the Victory Hall specifically to consider what could be done to show the village appreciation for those away fighting in the war.
About 40 parishioners were present.
A "Bures Welcome Home Fund" was to be set up which would donate the raised income to the soldiers when they returned home.
During 1946, the value of the Fund stood at £1006. This was divided equally amongst the deserving cases which worked out at £7.10 per recipient.

Extract from Minutes of the Welcome Home Fund Committee, dated 4th February 1946
Present were Mrs Mynott, Dr Dansey, Smith, B Deaves, E Salmon, E Hume, E Bower & L Mills
Mr B Deaves in the Chair
The sum of £7.10 to be given to Christian Kirk, Alexander Kirk and Arthur Reader, also included were the next of kin of the late Miss Carr

However, we must not forget that Katherine's sisters, Isabella and Elizabeth both joined the war effort.

Isabella enrolled into the ATS, served in the UK and abroad.
At a previous meeting of the Savings Committee (date unknown), Isabella Carr received the same award of £7.10

Elizabeth enrolled into the NAAFI.
With no record of any award given by the Welcome Home Fund to Elizabeth, she presumably didn`t return home to OverHall
Did she get married whilst she was serving in the NAAFI ?

Both ladies survived the war.
Elizabeth died in Birmingham, 1993 and Isabella died in Blackburn 1995.

Letter of thanks from OverHall Farm

OverHall Farm
18th March 1946

The Bures Welcome Home Fund
Thankyou all for the gift of £7.10 which I have received. I am truly grateful and appreciate the kindness shown to me by the people of Bures.
I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the kind friends who were so generous to me whilst serving with HM Forces at Home and Overseas

Yours sincerely
Isabella Casky

Isabella in 1946 would have been 30 years of age
There is only one record online of a marriage between Carr and Casky
Isabella Carr married Robert Casky in Shardlow, Derbyshire during 1940.

Reference: Church of Latter Day Saints, Family Search