Newspaper Reports of the Bomb Damage in Nayland Road
on November 6th 1940.



The bomb damage was reported in "The Suffolk & Essex Free Press" dated November 14th 1940

A copy situated in the Bury Records Office ( see left) but as you can see the quality of the reproduction I obtained is very poor. The text is barely readable

Consequently, I have attempted to reproduce this report below using the same images and the text.


German continue to drop
their bombs indiscriminately and
bring death and destruction to innocent residents in rural England.
The above photographs show
damage done in an East Anglian
Village last week, when four people were killed. One was an old lady of 90years, who had been evacuated to the village.
Her son and his wife,a couple about 60 years of age

and a girl about 19 years of age, granddaughter of the genarian
A stick of bombs fell in the
locality and two dwelling houses
were demolished and neighbouring
houses severely damaged. A road was made impassable for a time by the bomb crater.
The pair of houses in which
fatalities occurred were reduced to a
heap of rubble. Amongst which

could be seen various belongings
such as a huddled mattress and
pieces of furniture, while in the foreground lay a child's money box.
Other houses were damaged in the
neighbourhood and in another village two people were injured when a bungalow suffered a direct hit. They had a marvellous
escape from death.
Various freak effects of the blast resulted

Editors comments:- My first reaction to this article, was that the reporter was not of this area.
(a) In the first paragraph, he refers to "an East Anglian Village". In the entire report, why wasn`t Bures mentioned?
(b) In the last paragraph, it refers to " another village two people were injured". this would have been Colchester Rd. Why was Bures Hamlet referred to as "another village "
(c) Notice no mention is made of the factory.
Bizarre grammar, ie "Various freak effects of the blast resulted"

Was the author attempting to show that the "nasty" Germans were just coming over with the sole aim of killing British civilians.



















Death of Mr Albert Willingham

Transcription from Counties' Advertiser, Nov 23rd 1940 Bures Village News Funerals

FUNERALS - We regret to record the death of Mr Albert Willingham, aged 61yrs. Also of Ann Elizabeth, his wife, aged 58yrs. Mr Willingham had worked for the same firm of millers for 40 years; Mrs Willingham had been caretaker at the School for 10 years. Also of Mrs Ellen Willingham, aged 90 years, mother of the above and her grand-daughter Florence Maud Eldred aged 26. The funerals took place at the Parish Church.
The vicar, the Rev. N. C. Stephenson, officiated and gave a short address.

The family mourners were:-
The Misses Kate, Edie, Eva and Doris Willingham.............Four daughters
Mr George Willingham (son) was unable to attend.

Mr and Mrs C Willingham
Mr H Willingham
Mrs Turner
Messrs London, Bronkhurst, Youngs, Surry and Brett,
Mr J London, Mr M Bronkhurst, Mrs G Connell, Mr F Eldred, Mr M Sealy, Mr H Sealy, Mr G Youngs, Mr R Youngs, Mr J Willingham, Mrs Evans, Mrs N Clampin, Mrs A Morgan, Miss Emma Goodey, Miss W WGoodey, Mrs and Miss Bousfield, Mrs Harris, Mrs Minns, Mrs Green and Mr D Green, Mrs Peter Webber.

Among those at the church were the Mill staff, Mr and Mrs M Hitchcock, Mr Creek (headmaster), Mrs H M Miller, Dr and Mrs Dansey Smith, Mrs and Miss Mynott, Mr and Mrs E Bower, and Mrs C Bower, Mr and Mrs Robert Stebbing, Mrs Allen, Mrs W Goody, Miss Moore, Miss Williams, Miss Whittleton, Rev and Mrs Wright, Mrs London, Miss B Garrad, Mr Leslie Alston and Mr Jones (representing Sudbury A R P), Mr F Chinery, Miss Hanmer, Mrs Shuttleworth, Mr and Miss Brand, Mr and Mrs E Bays, Mr Metheringham, Mrs Ruth Stebbing, Mrs G Twitchett (president) and members of the Women's Institute, Mrs Albert Clampin, Mrs G Goody and many others.

Beautiful floral tributes were from:

Kate, Edie, Eva and Doris and George;..............children
Doris and Charlie;
Emma and family;
Ada, Alice, Edie, Kate, Hetty and Herbert;
Brother and sister-in-law;
Mrs Eden;
John, Vi and Trevor;
H C W and family;
Mrs Minns, Dorothy, Cecil and Dennis;
Mr and Mrs Waghorn and baby;
Violet, Wall and children;
Aunt, Uncle and Cousins;
Percy and Bessie;
Uncle Harry and cousins;
Charlie, Harriett and family;
Aunt Emily and family;
I M Fenning and S Davies;
Cousins Nellie and Cynthia;
Brother Mark;
Son and Daughters;
Dolly and Frank;
Doll, Pat and Baby;
Uncle Harry and cousins;
Mr and Mrs Minns and family;.......................See page concerning Eva
Mrs Eden;
Niece and Cousin Iona;
The Managers and School children;
Women's Institute members;
The Mill Staff;
The Neighbours;
Stephen and Jayne;
John and Trevor;
Mrs Farthing;
Mrs Carwardine Probert;
Mrs Dyer;
Susie and Tom;
Colonel and Mrs F H J Cartwright;
Mr and Mrs Hough;
Florence and Jean;
Dr and Mrs Dansey Smith;
Mrs C and Mr and Mrs M Hitchcock;
Mrs L Farthing;
Miss C E and E Whittleton;
Mr and Mrs Jenkins;
Mr and Mrs Baldwin;
and Mr and Mrs Kimberley and many others.

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