Path of a Luftwaffe bombing run over Bures, November 6th 1940
The Initial run from Arger Fen to the Nayland Road

Part 1.



In October 2020, new evidence has come to light, that possibly additional bombs were dropped before reaching the village.
In the previous pages Arthur Beaumont recalls seeing the bomber flying towards Assington and then turning sharply to make the bomb run towards Bures
John Ineson from Arger Fen (Highfields Farm) recalls in the early 1950`s, there were three large craters in the ground to the south of OverHall Farm,

Marked A, B and C

It seems plausible these could have been bomb craters, as they were directly in line with the Luftwaffe flight path towards the village.
To a bomber aimer, the small complex of buildings at Arger Fen may have seemed a worthwhile target, especially if he was keen to jettison his payload.

We know from the run over Bures, apart from the tragedy at Nayland Rd,
the bomb aimer wasted six or more bombs by dropping the majority across the Recreation Ground.

Blue line- theoretical flight path of the Lufwaffe Bomber
Aircraft passed Bowdens, then turning left at Wissington Grange

Published 04/10/2020
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