Luftwaffe bombing run over Bures, November 6th 1940
Newspaper Report


The bomb damage was reported in "The Suffolk & Essex Free Press" dated November 14th 1940

A copy situated in the Bury Records Office ( see left) but as you can see the quality of the reproduction I obtained is very poor. The text is barely readable

Consequently, I have attempted to reproduce this report below using the same images and the text.


German continue to drop
their bombs indiscriminately and
bring death and destruction to innocent residents in rural England.
The above photographs show
damage done in an East Anglian
Village last week, when four people were killed. One was an old lady of 90years, who had been evacuated to the village.
Her son and his wife,a couple about 60 years of age

and a girl about 19 years of age, granddaughter of the genarian
A stick of bombs fell in the
locality and two dwelling houses
were demolished and neighbouring
houses severely damaged. A road was made impassable for a time by the bomb crater.
The pair of houses in which
fatalities occurred were reduced to a
heap of rubble. Amongst which

could be seen various belongings
such as a huddled mattress and
pieces of furniture, while in the foreground lay a child's money box.
Other houses were damaged in the
neighbourhood and in another village two people were injured when a bungalow suffered a direct hit. They had a marvellous
escape from death.
Various freak effects of the blast resulted

Editor:- My first reaction to this article, was that the reporter was not of this area.
In the first paragraph he refers to "an East Anglian Village". In the entire report, why wasn`t Bures mentioned.
In the last paragraph it refers to " another village two people were injured". this would have been Colchester Rd.
Why was Bures Hamlet referred to as "another village "


Here is the explanation for this:-

What you have to remember was that the Germans had access to British news papers via neutral countries like Finland, Spain and Portugal. All 3 countries had leanings towards the Germans and would have been happy to supply them with British news papers. If the article was to give too much information it may have been useful to our enemies. Giving the name of the village may have helped the Germans calibrate their navigation aids (radio beams) if Bures wasn't the intended target. Also giving too much information on the damage may have helped with the choice of ordinance in future raids. If too much information is given lives are put at risk.

Notice no mention is made of the factory. The editor was trying to show that the "nasty" Germans were just coming over with the sole aim of killing British civilians. In reality the bomber crew were probably just trying to hit the factory which put its lights on with out blackout. Articles such as this were also aimed at the Americans at this time in the war still neutral. Just to show how much British civilians were suffering at the hands of the Germans.

Thanks to Steve Barr for explaining this to me.


Bizarre grammar, ie "Various freak effects of the blast resulted"

Courtesy of BSE RO
Alan Beales

Text explanation update by Stephen Barr, Wiltshire