Insurance Claim for the Bomb Damage

The Contents was covered with Insurance with the Prudential.
A claim was filed with the District Valuer, Inland Revenue, Colchester by Emma Kate Willingham, St Edmunds Lane, Bures.
Emma was the daughter of Albert and Ann Willingham, so she would have been 36 years of age at the time of the bombing. She died in 1997

Emma claimed on the 14th November 1940 ( 8 days after the event) from the Prudential for:-
Total Loss of property due to Enemy Bomb Blast (Melford RDC would have taken care of this claim)
(1) Loss of Furniture and Domestic Utensils to the value of £100
(2) Loss of 3 Bicycles: One insured with the Vehicle and General Insurance to the value of £7/6
(3) Loss of 1 Bicycle by Burglary

However, Emma mentions in her claim there was another Policy with the London and Victoria Friendly Society, but she couldn`t quote any Policy details.
With the property demolished and the loss of four lives, someone had the affront to steal a bicycle, valued at


Published 28/06/2020
Research by Alan Beales