Local Memories of the Great War


Arthur Bitten worked on the railway at Bures from 1907 until the 1930`s
Arthur kept meticulous diaries with entries for every day of the week, during his working life.
Three of those entries are of particular importance:-

20th September 1915:- Bombs exploded by experts down at Staunch Farm that were dropped by a Zeppelin
7th October 1915:- two more bombs detonated at the Farm at 12.45 and 4.50pm

5th June 1917:- Saw my first Zeppelin flying over Bures

Railway workers at Bures
Precise date unknown, but may well have been circa 1920

Four members of staff, possibly with initials HD, FC, AB and GC
AB would be Arthur Bitten.
HD :- Harry Diggins
FC:- F Cant
GC:- unknown