Air Raid Precautions (ARP)

During the war years each town/village or city was allocated an ARP warden. Their main function was to:-
(a) warn residents of an impending air attack
(b) to make sure no lights were visible during darkness (blackout) from stray lights.
All street lighting was switched off during the war years. (even then the local electricity supply company still billed the Parish Council for the standing charge even though no electricity was being used - nothing has changed !)
During early 1945 street lighting was restored.

The main warning siren for Bures St Mary was mounted on the Stour Valley Dye Works roof in the form of a "hooter". The Bures Hamlet side were less fortunate, their ARP warden cycled around the roads ringing a "hand bell".
Bures never succeeded in obtaining an official siren because of the cost involved.

Mr Creek (Headmaster) was appointed ARP warden in July 1938. By the end of the year he had recruited over 60 volunteers to assist him. Obviously, he had great persuasive powers !!

The village fireman also doubled up as ARP Utility Wardens and were paid the sum of £1.00 per year as a retainer.
The village (Victory) hall was established as the command post for the village with all the necessary first aid facilities.

Acknowledgment to:
Gordon Webber & Arthur Beamont